Rendering a House – All You Need to Know

Rendering a House – All You Need to Know

Rendering a House – All You Need to Know

Painting is fun and exciting, but repainting? Not so much. It starts becoming a nuisance if you have to repaint your house every 3 years or so. Not to mention, it takes a lot of time and money. But what else can you do when your house’s exterior gets weathered and looks tired? Well, you can render your house.

House rendering is the most efficient way of protecting your house’s exterior. You essentially coat the exterior of the house with a mortar that protects the bricks and blocks. Then the pre-coloured finish goes on top. The render even acts as a thermal insulator to keep your house warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Quality rendering should last 20 years or so.

This article will save you from making the same mistakes by telling you all you need to know about house rendering.

Choose the right render

Very recently, renders have been modernized with silicone technology. These new renders are so much better than their predecessors. They can do everything the old ones can but better.

Traditional renders require you to make the mix yourself, by hand or in a mixer. Modern renders have everything pre-bagged – you only have to add water. This is very beneficial as it ensures accurate quantities of each additive in the mix. Also, traditional renders required painting every 4 years or so. The modern renders require no painting as they come pre-coloured in any shade you like.

We highly recommend using Johnstones render for its versatility and better overall quality.

rendering house
house rendering

Use a render pump

Renders need to be evenly applied across walls. This can be challenging for anyone using traditional renders as these have to be applied by hand only. Modern renders can be more easily applied via a render pump if needed but are also easier for a professional to achieve a consistent finish due to the additives that let the render remain workable for longer and.

Get professional help

Although you can render your house yourself, it is never recommended. Professionals are always better at it as they have the training, expertise and equipment to do it properly, not to mention – experience.


Rendering is an excellent way to give your property a refreshing look, it is a cost-effective way to minimize maintenance, improve its weather resistance and give it the wow factor!

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