Soundproofing – reduce neighbour’s noise

Soundproofing - reduce neighbour's noise

Soundproofing – reduce neighbour’s noise

Noises are everywhere. We cannot escape the sounds that surround us, but we can take specific measures to reduce the noises that enter our homes. The following steps can be taken to create a quiet and peaceful environment at home.

1. A way of blocking noises is by sealing the air gaps around the edges of doors and windows. Using sealants to cover the holes make the room airtight, thus preventing sound.

2. Soundproof curtains or commonly known as blackout curtains can be used to reduce sound as these curtains absorb noise and block them. These curtains come in a variety of colours, prints, and textures that add a refreshing look to the room.

3. Sound barriers such as bookshelves or wall units can be used to add to the thickness of walls. These units act as sound barriers, giving a significant reduction in noise.

4. Walls of the room can be made soundproof by using acoustic foams and panels to block sound from entering inside. These thick, insulated walls are known to reduce sound passing through them.

5. Adding double panes to windows, like a layer of acrylic act as a sound barrier too.

6. Another way of blocking the noise coming from the top of the room is by making the ceiling soundproof. Adding drop ceilings or acoustic tiles for roofs help block sound coming from upstairs.

7. When the noise is coming from below the room, an excellent option to block it is by laying thick carpets to floor areas. Adding a layer of carpet padding to the carpets can reduce sound coming from below. Unwanted noise is inevitable, but a few simple measures are all it takes to create a home that is calm, quiet, and peaceful.

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