What should I do with pebbledash?

pebble dash

What should I do with pebbledash?

Pebbledash is an effect created by applying a layer of plaster mix to external walls and adding pebbles on them to give texture. It is a very long-lasting, robust, and highly durable wall finish that its effect refuses to fade over time. Because of its high durability, it is often used on exposed wall areas.

Even in modern times, Pebbledash homes are spotted all over the towns in the UK.

They are no doubt, challenging to remove, and may not be entirely possible to take them down. So, for those looking to update or remove the pebbledash look, it is a complex task ahead. But there are possible ways to update the look or remove them.

Re-rendering is an option. The first step would be to try to remove the pebbles from the wall surface. Then, a basecoat layer before rendering needs to be applied on the drywall. The rendering process is done by adding a coating of plaster mixture over the pebbledash wall surface. Slabs of cement mortar would be required to cover up the pebbledash to give a clean
slate and smooth surface.

Another option is by installing thick EWI boards on top of pebbledash wall surfaces. These boards are installed using adhesives and mechanical fixings. Other than improving the look of the wall surface, these boards act as heat insulations for the homes.

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